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MeasureCamp 2017

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Every year, groups of analysts from across the country come together for MeasureCamp, a conference dubbed an ‘un-conference’ because it doesn’t have a structure until the actual day.

DLG Digital was a sponsor of this year’s event and sent a group of people along to represent us and get involved.

Two of those that attended, digital performance analyst Dorothy Middlewood and analytics solutions manager Deepak Nagappan Anitha, tell us what happened.


While MeasureCamp is free, the day before offers a number of workshops that delegates can pay to attend.

This year, I was asked by one of my colleagues if I could co-ordinate and run one of them. I said yes without knowing what I was letting myself in for, so when I later found out it would be three hours long, I was slightly overwhelmed. Three hours on one subject is a very long time. Also, I’d never run a workshop before so this took me right out of my comfort zone.

I decided to base the workshop around the concept of storytelling. This is where analysts look at different sets of data, create insight based around them and communicate the findings in a way that will positively influence a business’s decisions.

On the day there were 22 people in attendance, including people who worked as head of insight, head of data, managers and analysts. All had taken the day off to be there, so it was vital for me to give them something worth their time.

I used my session to talk to them about different methods of creating insight and communicating it, before setting them a task where they had to analyse different sets of London crime data.   

They were split into four groups to complete the task, and the results were very interesting. Although they were all looking at the same data, they all came back with very different stories. It was great to see how people worked together and the conclusions they came up with, and it felt like everyone learned a lot.

Although I was initially nervous about doing the workshop it was a great success, and five minutes in I forget about my nerves and just got into it. I’d definitely be happy to run one again next time. 


At MeasureCamp, the whole day is made up of sessions that people like myself either run or attend, or both. This was my second year at MeasureCamp, and the third time I’ve run a session (I did two last year). After a keynote in the morning we were all given a card where we could write down the details of a session we wanted to run, stick it up on the wall, and then people could see it and decide if they wanted to come along. It could be a presentation, a discussion, a debate, or anything at all, so long as it’s related in some way to analytics.

I decided to talk about a specific problem within analytics, and called my session A Different Method of Implementing Adobe Analytics. Quite a few people came along and there was a lot of healthy debate around alternative solutions, and how to manage the software when you don’t have appropriate resources.

As well as running the session, I helped organise a ’riddle’ competition where people could win an Amazon Echo Dot. This helped us to have conversations with way more people than we would have done normally, and it was a big hit as there were some real brain-benders in there. The objective was to make the questions look simple, but when you attempt to answer them, suddenly they seem very difficult. 

For example, we had a t-shirt that we put two holes in and asked people how many holes there were. Some people said two, others said six, because of the sleeves, neck and bottom of the t-shirt. Others said there were many more because of the hole in the label, and all the holes between the threads. The possibilities went on and on, and that was the point because it opened up a whole conversation with people and showed their creativity.

The majority of people sponsoring the event were either software companies or digital agencies, so we probably stood out a little bit. But we were there to promote what DLG Digital is and what we do.

The people who attend MeasureCamp are a very niche group of people, so it’s fairly certain our paths will cross again. And the more we do things like this, the more we’ll learn from one another.


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