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What DLG Digital learned in 2017

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Wow, where did those 12 months go? Time certainly moves fast in the digital world.

We’ve achieved so much here at DLG Digital in 2017. Rather than list all the amazing stuff we’ve done over the last year, we thought it better to talk about what we’ve learned.

To put that into language the BuzzFeed generation can understand, here are 6 Super Important Things DLG Digital Learned That Anyone Working In Digital Can’t Afford Not To Know!!

1. We need a platform to tell the world what we’re doing

We’ve been ‘doing digital’ for five years now, but it was only this year that we launched the DLG Digital blog, enabling us to share with the world all the great things we’re up to.

It’s certainly been home to a diverse body of work, from the latest developments in AI and smart technology, to DLG Digital events and personal accounts. We’ve even published blogs about cows, Tamagotchi and pizza delivery.

2. Moving an entire department is tough

On May 8, 2017, after many moons of planning, DLG Digital said goodbye to its home at Wren Court and moved down the road to DLG’s Churchill Court. Emotions were all over the place: sad at leaving our home, but excited about the shiny new space equipped with all the perks of a fancy London agency.

DLG is aiming to make insurance easier and better value for our customers by turning our brands into digital leaders. So it's fitting that DLG Digital's home is at the heart of the Bromley HQ.

3. We should embrace that we’re experts in our field

Shortly after our office move – as if that wasn’t difficult enough – we took on the challenge of hosting our first Digital Expo. The event was designed to educate people from around the business about what we do, why we do it, and how we can help them. Hundreds of DLG staff came along, impressed by what we had to show them and also how great our office space was.

4. Sometimes you can go forward by going backwards

Amazon doesn’t always get it right, but you don’t get to be as dominant in the marketplace without making a lot of good decisions. This year much of the DLG Digital team was invited to take part in Amazon’s Working Backwards workshop. The session was designed to make us rethink how we go about solving customer problems.

We’ve taken some of these ideas on board to create new internal workshops to help nurture a digital mindset across the entire group.

5. Change is hard, but can provide great opportunities

After four-and-a-half years leading DLG Digital Ash Roots departed to pursue a new challenge. He left an everlasting mark on Direct Line Group, guiding it through a digital transformation. Ash left us with 12 key learnings, the 12th being:

Embrace change. Change creates opportunities. Without it things cannot improve, relationships cannot progress and people cannot grow.

So, while Ash is missed, his departure is a great opportunity for DLG Digital and the group as a whole to grow.

6. We are great at nurturing young talent

In 2017, DLG Digital took on Casey Lumumba, a graduate of the AWS: re:Start programme that DLG Digital became part of this year. AWS re:Start is open to young adults, military veterans, members of the military reserve and those leaving the armed forces, and aims to educate them on the latest software and cloud computing technologies - ultimately helping them get into work.

DLG Digital has also continued to embrace the DLG Group graduate scheme and has also taken on many work experience placements, from teenagers looking for career inspiration to those already working at DLG and wanting a new challenge.

We look forward to sharing more of our achievements in 2018.

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