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Analyst day

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Recently we invited a number of budding analysts to spend a day at DLG, with the idea of recruiting two of them into the business. Stephen Andrews, Digital Insight Manager, who helped run the event, filled us in on what happened and the thinking behind it. 

“Currently the analytics team is split into two halves, insight and analytics. On one side we’ve got Dan, Deepak, Ryan and Naveen who look after data quality, on the other side we’ve got all the analysts that sit within the scrums, and James heads up the team. Together we use what we know customers are doing to lead decisions made within Digital. 

we ideally needed two enthusiastic and knowledgeable people

James came up with the idea of running an ‘analyst day’, as we were looking to recruit two junior analysts. We ideally needed two enthusiastic and knowledgeable people who could learn the ropes and then eventually have their own scrum. At first it was only promoted internally, but word soon spread and in the end we were inundated with applications. We managed to whittle it down to five great candidates, who were invited to join us for the day down at DLG Digital HQ.

We started off by giving them an overview of how we work, within both Insight and Digital as a whole, before setting them a couple of tasks. For the first task we split them into two teams, put them in separate rooms, and asked them to analyse a report for our Home product.

Throughout we monitored how they were working, and then at the end they had to give a presentation. Both teams did really well and came very close to what the answer we were looking for actually was, even though they had the added pressure of random people from the business popping in to watch them present.

The second task was an individual one, as by this stage we’d already learned about their approach and wanted to find out about them as people. So we gave them half an hour to prepare a 5-minute presentation about something they loved. This proved to be really interesting as the presentations were about all kinds of things we could never have guessed. For example, one person was a world-cup fencer and chose to talk about that, while another spoke about how he created colouring books. 

I shouldn't think it's long before they're the main analysts in a scrum

After the day had drawn to a close we chose four from the five and staged second interviews, which were a much more formal affair. James and I discussed at length who we considered the strongest candidates, which is testament to the quality of those who participated, but we eventually settled on two - who have now joined the team. I reckon they’re both going to prove themselves very quickly, and I shouldn’t think it’s long before they're the main analysts in a scrum.

Although we’ve got all the analysts we need right now, the day proved to be a great success so we’ll definitely be looking to run another one in the future.”

If and when it happens, you’ll find out about it here first.

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