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AWS re:Start comes to DLG

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DLG Digital has recently become involved in a fantastic initiative, set up by Amazon, to educate people on the latest software and cloud computing technologies, and ultimately help them get into work.

The programme, called AWS re:Start, is open to young adults, military veterans, members of the military reserve and those leaving the Armed Forces and their spouses. Participants complete technical training at the Amazon offices in London, before gaining experience through on-the-job training – which is where we come in. 

Recently two young adults joined us in the Digital department to learn more about what we do and how we do it. Becci Davis, one of our designers, explains how she helped make it happen:

“Our studio manager, Chloe, sent out an email asking who’d like to be involved in the AWS re:Start programme, and as I think work experience is really important I put myself forward straightaway.

“A few weeks later we both went along to an introduction day at the Amazon offices in London, where we met around 30-40 enthusiastic young people who wanted to join the programme. We individually interviewed and selected who we thought would be most suitable to join us in DLG Digital. Thankfully the two people we liked best had also chosen DLG as the company they’d most like to work for, so it was a perfect match.

“One of the chosen candidates, Casey, went on to star in a video promoting the programme, which I also played a part in. It was shown at the AWS summit at the Excel centre in London in front of thousands of people, and my stomach was churning with nerves as I sat and watched it. It was worth it though, as it perfectly captured the benefits of the programme and was met with a big round of applause.

“As I had interviewed Casey, I was really happy when he joined us, along with another candidate called Arpita. Since Casey started working here he’s shown potential in all sorts of different areas, including some really good and original ideas for apps. He’s also demonstrated a lot of interest in project management, which I think he could be really good at.”

So it seems Casey has made quite an impression on both DLG and Amazon, but what are his thoughts on the programme?

Casey said: “I found out about the programme through my brother, as one of his friends took part in it and as a result is now working for a major UK bank. I filled in some details online, and soon after I received a call inviting me to an introduction day.

“During the day I had to work as part of a team to come up with an idea for a product, after which I was interviewed. It went really well and I received a call at 10am the next day to say I’d been successful. I was very happy as I’d known for a while that I wanted to work in technology, but didn’t really know how to get into it.

“The process of working out whether a product is actually viable has probably been the most useful to me. I’m always coming up with new ideas and I’ve been using the methods I was taught to figure out which ones are actually worth focusing on.

“I’ve found everyone in Digital to be really supportive and the environment is great. Everyone seems to manage their time well and they’re always ready to help me whenever I need it.

“If DLG will have me I’ll definitely be happy to come back anytime, it’s been a great experience. In the future I think I’d like to go into project management, as that’s what I’ve enjoyed the most in my time here.

“To anyone hesitating about whether to apply for the programme or not, I’d say just go for it because you never know what you might get out of it.”


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