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Imaginary friend designs help children with cancer

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Over the years there have been short animations made to explain almost everything – from how to meditate to how to win at poker.

But the most meaningful animations we’ve seen of late have been a series of short films created for the Paediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. 

The films have been created to help teach children and their families about cancer treatment in a way that's easy to understand.

A group of characters called the "Imaginary Friend Society" appear in 20 beautifully animated films that tackle tricky subjects like "What is an MRI?", "Blood Transfusions" and "Being Scared".

This one explains radiation:

Two friendly cartoon characters explain how radiation is just like zapping targets in a video game – you’re just getting rid of the bad guys.

It even manages to make light of the daunting prospect of your hair falling out.

The reality of cancer treatment is that most adults don’t even understand what’s involved, so it’s not just children that will benefit from watching it.

Some designs are more worthy than others, and this is definitely one of them. 

You can watch all the videos at

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