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Digital Expo 2017

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We’d been talking about hosting some kind of Digital event for months.

Being a relatively new department, we wanted to do something where people from around the business could come and learn about what we do, why we do it, and how we can help them.

We eventually decided on calling it the Digital Expo, and it seemed to make sense to hold it shortly after we made our move to our new home in Churchill Court, Bromley.

Once we’d decided when and where, we created a one-page website to give more information and allow people to sign up for the workshops.

So, on May 15, we opened our office up to the whole business and invited colleagues to come in to attend keynote talks, visit stands hosted by our own teams as well as people from Amazon Web Services and Nest, take part in workshops, eat pizza and play Mario Kart.

Over the course of the day, hundreds of DLG staff visited to learn about Digital and enjoy our hospitality. And the response was excellent. There were lots of questions following each keynote, while the workshops had prospective attendees turning up in the hope of cancellations.

Mike Holliday-Williams, the managing director of UK Personal Lines, said: "It was rather brilliant.." Claire Foster, deputy head of news, attended the workshop on video production. She said: "What a buzz on the new digital floor. It's fantastic to have so much in-house capability. I was impressed to see first hand, the breadth and scale of the work digital does. I wish I had signed up to more classes!"

The day looked like this:


Keynote 1

Good design means good business

User experience manager James Sharpe explained why the smart business makes sure design is in the DNA of everything it does.

Keynote 2


Senior commercial delivery manager Jeremy Bristow shed light on groundbreaking work we did for some of our brand partners.

Keynote 3

From data to insight: how we understand our customers

Digital analyst Dorothee Middlewood laid out how analytics can help put the customer at the centre of your work.

Keynote 4

Connected car

Driverless cars and the internet of things are here. Nick Reid (head of automative technology), Paul Felton (head of telematics) and Dan Freedman (director of motor development) outline how DLG is staying at the forefront of technology.

Keynote 5

Our Agile journey

What does Agile mean? Lead product owner Kate Keable and portfolio manager Chris Halliday explained how Agile works, and why we adopted it.



Our designers let guests get hands-on with the tools and tackle their own mini briefs.

Video editing

Video editor Ke Nguyen led a series of popular sessions where he taught the basics of making of video.

Agile methods

The best way to learn how Agile teams work as an efficient unit is to do it, and that’s what this workshop taught.

What about Mario Kart?

One of our very clever developers, Mo Kherroubi, built a Raspberry Pi computer which he loaded with retro videogames. Running the SNES version of Mario Kart on the device using an emulator, we held a competition where the person with the fastest lap would win the tiny computer.

Don’t be shy…

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