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DLG Digital does Comic Relief

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Thanks to the ever-expanding size of the DLG Digital team, our collection of talents is definitely something to be reckoned with.

So when Comic Relief rolled around once again, how did we decide to raise some money? By having a sponsored speed-coding session, a ‘How agile are you’ limbo contest or a Spotify dance-off? No, we thought we’d do something completely un-digital and wax a few willing (but not entirely happy about it) volunteers’ legs. 

The volunteers

The line-up included Ash (director of Digital), Rich (head of design), Shak (head of delivery) and James (head of data & insight) - all phenomenally hairy, especially in the leg department. Which one would be waxed was down to the level of donations from their loving teammates; the one with the highest sponsorship would be the man for the job. 

the rules suddenly changed

We’re quite a charitable bunch, so the donations came in thick and fast. On D-day Ash had lurched into first place with £225 donated. But then the rules suddenly changed. If we could get to £1000, all four would get stripped.

As the lovely Kate Keable warmed up the Boots smooth care wax strips, the donation lines went crazy. Lee Campion (head of performance), then jumped on board offering bundles of his chest hair if the new target could be reached. Boom, the thought of Lee’s chest made even the tightest of wallet-clutchers surrender their cash and the £1,000 target was smashed. 

The event

First up was Rich, who generously offered to donate even more money if he could do the waxing himself. However, SEO guru Tom jumped in and offered to carry out the painful beauty ritual. Tom tenderly placed the well-warmed and very sticky wax strip on Rich’s slender legs and, clutching his hand for moral support, ripped it off to howls of delight from the baying mob that had gathered. Being a hardened northerner, Rich managed well with the pain, and even called it ‘delightful’ while undoubtedly cursing on the inside.

Next up was Ash, dressed appropriately for the event in a Comic Relief t-shirt. Obviously not used to being waxed, he didn’t know where to put his arms, and decided to hang off the white board while trying his best not to look nervous. Thankfully for him product owner Jen was seemingly experienced in waxing and managed to do both legs quickly and fairly painlessly, or so Ash led us to believe with his claim of ‘that was easy’. Hmmm we’re not so sure.

Then came Lee with his promised hairy chest, which was promptly de-haired by portfolio manager Chris, assisted by product manager Nick. Although he was slightly miffed about being left with a very sticky shirt, he certainly gave us all some afternoon entertainment.

Shak and James somehow managed to avoid being waxed on the day, and were dragged up into the dock the following week. Needless to say, they didn’t enjoy the experience too much either.

After some more donations trickled in at the end, the final total raised came to £1,174. Not bad for a few seconds of pain. 

Don’t be shy…

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