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DLG Digital Web Summit Competition 2017

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Web Summit is an amazing chance for attendees to check out the latest innovations set to transform business.

In only six years the event has grown from a modest 400 attendees to more than 150,000; establishing itself as the largest technology conference in the world.

DLG Digital believes Web Summit is a great event, so offers members of the Digital team the chance to win tickets to the Lisbon-based conference – plus travel and accommodation on us.

This year the competition required participants pitch an idea to solve an everyday problem.

Eight people got through to the pitching stage, to be judged by our Web Summit panel.

1. Ryan, A Tale of Confusion and Poor Hygiene

In an entertaining presentation, Ryan recognised a market for a smart cup which together with an app holds a digital record of its current owner. The idea would eliminate confusion when making a round of drinks in the office, often resulting in having a drink delivered back to you in a different mug to the one you had before. You’d also be able to scan dirty mugs to see who didn’t wash up.

2. Angeliki, Solving Problems in the DL4B Scrum

Delivered with a great deal of energy, Angeliki provided a very informative presentation on how the Scrum team works together to tackle daily issues. She also emphasised the importance of working with a smile.

3. Mo, Finding Common Ground

As a karate instructor Mo often teaches groups who don’t know each other. He spoke about the method he uses to break the ice. He asks students to raise their hand if they like pizza, chocolate, etc. Or asking what music they listen to. By sharing common interests people are less likely to feel isolated. Mo was also the only contestant to go full X Factor and deliver a sob story about how he’d been working since 5am.

4. James S, Unreliable Routers and the Internet

We’ve all gone to stream the latest boxset on Netflix, only to find the internet isn’t working. James spoke with passion about the problems caused by routers which freeze when overloaded with requests by our increasingly connected homes. He proposed a modular broadband router which makes downtime a thing of the past. The router would support detachable mobile internet modules which can be removed and used by household members. He also created a Lego prototype which, quite frankly, wasn’t very helpful.

5. Dan, Magic Milkman

With a box of electronics and two glasses of milk there was great interest when Dan began his presentation. He spoke about the huge amounts of wasted milk and the damage this is causing to the environment. The reason we chuck away so much milk is because people tend to abide by the use-by-date printed on the bottle or carton. This results in perfectly good milk going down the drain. Dan’s solution was based on new guidance to sniff milk to check if it’s still good. He built a prototype device which determined if the milk was good or bad based on its PH levels. Impressive stuff.

6. Deepak, Do More to Waste Less

Another presentation focussed on food waste, Deepak called upon his prior experience working for Sainsbury’s. Seeing first-hand how much good food is thrown out - largely because it’s cheaper than donating it - Deepak believes something needs to be done. He proposed a Food Waste Tax which would make donating the food the cheaper option for supermarkets.

7. James C, Big Data

Introduced by Tina Turner’s Simply the Best, James spoke about an idea to offer free connected devices in the Internet of Things. From cars to fridges, they’d all be free. This would be in exchange for harvesting user data which he would then sell. Data is the new oil he cackled.

8. Alex, Efficient Kitchen Layout

Unhappy with how disorganised the DLG Digital kitchen can be, Alex proposed he be commissioned to monitor how DLGers use the space. This would provide data which could be analysed in order to create a more efficient layout for the space. He argued that an improved layout could save upwards of six minutes each day.

The winners are...

Congratulations to James S, James C, Dan and Ryan who will be jetting off to Lisbon in November, and well done to everyone else who took part.

Web Summit takes place November 6-9 at the MEO Arena, Lisbon.

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