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How I went from fashion design to copywriting

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I’ve enjoyed writing since as far back as I can remember. After school, and during my summer holidays I interned for fashion and PR brands, writing some of their marketing content and doing other tasks. I also worked part time for The Idle Man doing their blog posts and interviewing people for the website. It was the first time I got the chance to write for a wider audience and it felt great.

Despite this, I didn’t consider writing to be a career worth pursuing.

At college, I studied fashion design and business, and worked part-time at Topshop. After getting my diplomas I started a BA honours in fashion design at Middlesex, but soon left because I didn’t like my course enough to stay.

Falling back on my love of writing, I set up a lifestyle blog which grew faster than I anticipated. I soon realised how sick I was of working all of these other jobs and decided to go and get a career outside of the fashion industry.

I applied for an editorial apprenticeship which I got, and so I worked four days a week for the Daily Telegraph and spent Fridays studying for a journalism diploma at Lambeth College.

I picked up a lot through on-the-job training at my apprenticeship, in particular communication and editorial skills. I rotated desks every so often, so I did a bit of everything. I also learned about SEO and the importance of digital skills, like basic coding. 

After two years I left the company, armed with plenty of skills I still use today. The time spent at the Daily Telegraph helped me realise that a job involving writing was what I truly wanted to do.

I worked in administration for about six months, but left when I felt I had enough contacts to go it alone as a freelance writer.

After gaining some experience and building my portfolio, I applied for numerous editorial and copywriting jobs. Eventually I was invited to interview for a role that suited me – copywriting here at DLG Digital. It sounded like a great opportunity for me. Thankfully, the interview went well and I got a call offering me the job. I accepted and currently work in a fun but challenging digital environment.

So, even if you feel your life choices are taking you down a career path you no longer want to follow, there are opportunities out there which can open previously locked doors.

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