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The 5 best speakers at the 2017 Reasons To... conference

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DLG Digital user experience researcher Becci Davis recently spent a few days down in Brighton at the annual Reasons to… conference.

Despite what media has likely made you believe, not all conferences are dull affairs filled with business people in suits.

Becci returned from the south coast and wanted to tell everyone her story:

“I went to a conference, and it was fun!”

Before we find out why Becci found the conference such a positive experience, it’s worth explaining what Reasons to… is all about.

In the conference’s own words, Reasons to is “the award winning three-day international conference with a festival vibe”.

Attendees are promised to be informed, inspired, entertained, thrilled and educated by the “very best international creative and developer speakers”.

The diversity of speakers is something which sets the conference apart from others, featuring content from designers, coders, creatives, film makers, animators, installation builders, illustrators, artists and more.

Becci’s favourite speakers from Reasons to… 2017

Frank Rausch

Becci said: “Frank is an app designer and developer who specialises in digital typography. His latest project is V for Wiki, which totally transforms the user experience of Wikipedia on iPhone, iPad and the Apple Watch.”

Yulia Brodskaya

“I’m blown away by the skill Yulia has to bring images to life using such basic materials. She uses paper and glue to create stunning three-dimensional paper artworks, which you simply won’t believe have been created this way. That’s why I’ve included a video below for you to see the creative process in action.”

Noma Bar

“Chances are you’ve already seen some of Noma’s work without realising it. He’s an Israeli-born graphic designer, illustrator and artist who often makes you double take. The work often seems simple, but it’s always really clever.”

Vic Lee

“Images really don’t do justice to Vic’s work. He’s a muralist, artist, storyteller and illustrator, who typically fills vast walls with his creations. Oh, and he often just freestyles his designs, which makes them even more impressive.”

Anouk Wipprecht

“Tech is everywhere, so why not combine it with fashion too? That’s exactly what Dutch fashiontech designer Anouk Wipprecht is doing. Her Spider Dress is one such example of her ability to elevate fashion with tech, incorporating sensors to define boundaries for personal space. It’s wacky, but that’s kind of why she’s so interesting.”

If all that hasn’t inspired you to go to a conference, here are Becci’s reasons for why you should follow in her footsteps.

  1. You will be inspired
  2. You will learn something
  3. You will meet interesting people
  4. Your employer will – hopefully – pay for it
  5. So why wouldn’t you?

Learn more about next year's Reasons to... conference:

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