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Millie's week in Digital

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Millie, tell us about yourself…

I am currently studying A-levels in business, IT and sport at Langley Park Boys School. I wanted to do work experience at DLG because I’m really interested in digital marketing and it’s an area I want to pursue at apprenticeship or degree level.

Thanks to my work experience at DLG, I’m now more certain about what areas I’m most interested in, and the direction my career may take.

What have you learned during your work experience?

This work experience has helped me decide that I do want to pursue a future in digital marketing. At first, it was just something I thought sounded interesting, but now my path is a lot clearer.

Over the week, I attended many meetings with people from different areas of the marketing and digital departments. Everyone explained to me what their roles are and what sort of work they’re involved with. They also told me how they got into their roles, and whether they went to university or worked their way up within the business. 

While I was here I spoke to the branding team. I found branding at DLG really interesting, as the brands they own (including Direct Line, Churchill, Privilege and Green Flag) all have different target audiences, so the branding and communications must all be different. For example; Green Flag is a challenger brand and is trying to get loyal customers with other breakdown providers to switch over; Churchill traditionally has an older audience and is quintessentially British; and Direct Line is all about fixing problems fast.

I also spoke to the UX team, which was eye-opening. They explained what user experience is, and showed me the software they use to track how users interact with the websites. I found the heat maps especially interesting, which identify customer pain points, and where improvements can be made to put the customer first.

In my time with the video production team, I created a 10 second social video for Digital’s social media channel. I learned that best practice for social videos is to put the branding upfront, keep text minimal and to keep it under 10 seconds.

Finally, I sat in the design team and was asked to create a poster for Digital’s charity of the year, Demelza Children’s Hospice. The brief was to keep the text minimal and to design it more like an infographic, so the content was easily digestible. 

I designed the poster on A3 paper and then sat down with one for the designers, and created it on Illustrator. This went out to the entire building (over 10,000 people) and was put on the charity board for internal people to see. 

What’s next?

Before coming here, I thought I was going to go to university. Although that’s still on the cards, I’m now seriously considering an apprenticeship. I like the idea of working full-time, interacting with people in an office, and earning some money (instead of getting into debt!). 

My work experience in DLG Digital has opened my eyes to all the possibilities, and I can’t wait to finish my A-Levels and see what’s next.

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