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More beef, less cow

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As we’ve undergone our digital transformation over the last few years, we’ve left certain ways of doing things behind us and embraced new ones that we now know to be better.

Consider agile ways of working – slightly alien at first, but ultimately life-changing.

For improvements to happen, whether it’s at work, at home or in the wider world, you need to be willing to embrace things that are new and different. Whether that’s through doing things differently in the workplace, adopting a healthier way of eating or reducing your reliance on single-use plastic.

One company that is doing things differently in a radical way has caught the eye of some of the world’s biggest investors, and they’ve only just begun. Memphis Meats in San Francisco is attempting to tackle the enormous issue of global warming through the production of lab-grown meat.

Let’s face it, when you bite into a big juicy steak or tuck into a Nando’s half chicken, it’s probable that little thought goes into where it came from or what impact it may have on planet earth. For most people it’s all about the taste.

But with the rise of veganism and the ever-growing problem of climate change, even the most hardened carnivore could be forced to re-consider some of their choices.

By using cells that are harvested from the animals themselves (without killing them), Memphis Meats has already successfully ‘grown’ chicken, beef and duck.

Founded by a cardiologist, a stem cell researcher and a tissue engineer, Memphis Meats’ aim is to reduce the world’s reliance on actual meat, as it’s environmentally unsustainable.

The company confidently announces on their website that their meat could require 90% less land, water and greenhouse gas emissions than conventional meat production. Just imagine the impact that could have on the future of our environment, especially with the world’s population continually increasing.

So unique and successful are their processes that they have attracted the likes of Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Kimbal Musk as investors.

In an article referring to Memphis Meats, Newsweek said ‘Lab-grown beef will save the planet and be a billion dollar business’.

While at the moment there are more people that have been to outer space than have eaten lab grown meat, Memphis Meats hope to have their products available to consumers within the next 5-6 years.  

What an incredible, and wildly different, idea. 

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