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Dotted around the DLG Digital office you’ll see some amazing examples of typography adorning the walls. The person responsible is one of our super-talented designers, Daniel Baker, who has amassed around 10,000 followers on instagram with his creations. Here he explains all about his love of typography and where he’s taking it.

“I’ve loved typography ever since I was at secondary school, and while studying design at Central Saint Martins I began developing my own style. But last year I was feeling in need of some inspiration, so I decided to attend a few conferences to get the creative gears whirring again. At one of the conferences I attended a talk by a calligrapher called Seb Lester, who is a creative genius in my opinion. 

Seb really motivated me to start doing more, and I began doing lots of sketches and then posting them on Instagram. I got a lot of likes and positive comments about what I was posting, which really kept me going as I tried out all kinds of different things. 

Right now I’m really enjoying brush calligraphy, which is exactly what it sounds like, calligraphy created with a paintbrush. There are a lot of amazing brush calligraphy artists out there, but they’ve been practicing for over 10 years, whereas I’m still a bit of a newbie. I’m hoping to join their ranks at some point though, and am practising as much as I can in my free time. 

I’ve already filled a pile of books with lettering, and Instagram is a great way of recording some of this. I try and practise for a few hours every day, and I’m so used to doing it that I feel a bit strange if I don’t practise. 

I think every designer should have something where they can be really creative, with no restrictions or timeframes to adhere to. 

Now if I need some new inspiration I head to New York for a few days for some creative experimentation. There is something about the city that just seems to connect with my creative work. I just like to get out there and draw things that describe where I am and what is going on around me.

The better I get at it, the faster I become, because it’s all about rhythm and flow. I don’t really know where it’s going to lead, but that’s all part of the fun. A mural or something huge on the side of a building would be amazing. But right now I’m just really enjoying practicing.”

You can follow’s Dan’s typography journey on Instagram at @bakerlab.

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