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Recognition Games 2017: Faster, Higher, Sillier

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Who doesn’t love semi-enforced workplace sports days? You may be surprised to hear that not everyone was super hyped for the inaugural Recognition Games here at DLG Digital, wary that the promised “fun” might call in sick.

However, it turned out to be a pretty great day.

Rewinding a little. The Recognition Games were devised as a department-wide thank you for DLG Digital’s efforts in staging Digital Expo 2017 back on May 15, which was met with company-wide praise.

Let The Games Begin

Full Metal Racket thought they were at Wimbledon.

Kept secret until we arrived at the local park, the afternoon’s activities saw teams take part in an eclectic array of ‘sporting’ challenges. From Frisbee to football, and skipping to welly wanging, there was something for everyone, no matter their understanding of the offside rule.

Before we could replenish our aching bodies with pizza, the games entered a dramatic second phase featuring a 100m sprint, egg and spoon, and wheelbarrow race – the latter surely a shoo-in for inclusion in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Obviously getting carried away with their power, our event leaders announced one final twist in the tale, which saw the two top scoring teams compete in an epic tug of war; the winners would be crowned champions of the 2017 Recognition Games.

No one could foresee the catastrophic events which followed. The rope snapped seconds into the battle, the crowd gasped and a controversial ruling announced team Flower Power as the winners. Diamonds Are Forever were left broken and empty inside. The crowd gasped once more, though attentions quickly turned to pizza.

Look closely enough and you'll see a winner's trophy.

UI developer Femi was on the winning team, and said: “First of all I'd like to thank God for giving me the grace to win gracefully and humbly. I'd like to thank my mum and dad for encouraging me, oh and my team mates for all the support and encouragement.

“Jokes aside, the real shout out is to the ladies and gents who organised today's event. Fabulous day out and it’s been a pleasure enjoying a beautiful day with beautiful people. Thanks so much y'all.”

Ke, from Diamonds Are Forever, added: “We was robbed mate.”

The real winner was Team DLG Digital! High fives all round.


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