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The analytics team takes on Measurecamp 2017

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Back in 2012 a new type of conference for digital analysts began to emerge.

Measurecamp is a free-to-attend event, dubbed an ‘unconference’ where people can decide on the day if they want to give a presentation, host a discussion or run a workshop. It gives analysts the opportunity to come together in a relaxed environment and share information freely.

One of our analysts, Naveen, went along to this year’s event. Here are his thoughts:

"I joined around 300 people at this year’s Measurecamp in Pimlico, London along with my fellow analysts Deepak and James, as well as Lisa from HR.

Direct Line were sponsors at the event, which meant we had a stand set up where we could welcome people and talk to them about working with us. We had a jobs board so everyone could see what vacancies were available and chat about them with us if they wanted.

There are quite a few analytics roles available at the moment, including a digital optimisation manager. For some of the roles that are vacant we’ve been splitting the work up between the team, so we’re really eager to bring new people on board as soon as possible.

We definitely stood out at the event as the other sponsors were very different to us – one was a specialist analytics recruiter and others were software vendors offering analytics consultancy-based roles. People were quite surprised to see us there, and really interested to know more.

Deepak and James also gave presentations during the weekend, and I took over some of the DLG social media channels so I could update people on what we were up to. Deepak spoke about how we’ve implemented analytics within the business, and James and Deepak did a Q&A session together on their issues with the Adobe analytical tools, which really got people talking.

I learn a lot every time I go to Measurecamp. This time I noticed that there are a lot of analysts struggling with how to market themselves internally to stakeholders. In fact, many of the sessions were about how to sell yourselves and the work that you do, or how to justify spending money on new tools.

It seems there are many firms that think analysts can get along quite easily with Excel, when in reality there are a lot of different and very useful tools that are available to help us do our jobs better. Analytics is still quite new to many people, but it’s becoming more and more fundamental, especially within digital, so there are a lot of bridges like this to cross.

Thankfully at DLG we’re pretty advanced in this sense. We’ve got great managers who really understand what we do and what we can contribute to the business. And, the analysts here are committed to delivering great insight that people can take away and use. It’s already a very big part of digital, and as the team continues to grow we’ll be able to do more and more.

Thanks to our stand at Measurecamp we were able to have a lot of extended discussions with potential applicants, so we may have a few new people coming on board very soon."

Watch this space!

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