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The best of CES17 in ten Tweets

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Just over 50 years ago, the very first Consumer Electronics Show (CES) took place in New York City. Things were a bit different in 1967; there were just 117 exhibitors, and black and white televisions were big news.

Fast forward to 2017 and the show has moved to Las Vegas. More than 3,800 exhibitors showcased cutting edge consumer technology, delivery systems, content and hardware for around 165,000 international attendees.

Check out how technology has changed over the last 50 years

The biggest technology show on earth

CES17 was, in my view, the biggest and best ever. And it’s not all about washing machines and cameras any more, either. From artificial intelligence (AI) and automated cars, to wearables and software, the broad spectrum of accelerating tech innovation was clear to see.

The show was packed with complex devices that enable us to do what we do in our everyday lives better and more easily.

So, to give you a flavour of the biggest, best and most interesting new tech on the market, here’s my view of CES17 in just 10 tweets…

1. Change your living room into a virtual reality playground with this new ‘merged reality’ headset from Intel.

2. Keep track of your blood alcohol level and find out how your body handles the booze.

3. Can a robot really cure snoring?

4. A car that builds an emotional connection with its driver.

5. A new way to teach kids how to code?

6. A robot that teaches you yoga, among other things.

7. The daily hunt for a charger could soon be a thing of the past.

8. Improve your performance with a pair of cycling smartglasses.

9. Get fit while you explore a world of virtual reality.

10. Build a grocery list by scanning items as you throw them away.


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