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The big move - we did it!

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So, on Monday 8th May it actually happened.

After many months of meticulous planning, we finally moved down the road to our new home in Churchill Court, Bromley.

As you can see from the video, the walls have been painted digital-friendly white (with magnetic paint, no less). It means that there's plenty of space for us to write our comments, ideas and family-friendly jokes. There are also two lovely roof terraces to pop out onto for meetings in the sun, or a bit of quiet time. And, because our area acts as a walkway for colleagues around the business, it gives us plenty of opportunities to meet new people.

Churchill Court has meeting rooms everywhere, but in Digital we have two of our own, along with a liberal sprinkling of pods and hot desks, to let people work from almost anywhere.

Now that we're all in, we're awaiting stage two, which is the really exciting bit. This is where all the conversations, research and engagement with the team will be used to plan what else is going to happen with the space. Nothing is off limits.

Expect more pictures and videos as we grow and truly make the place our own.

Don’t be shy…

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