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Many roads lead to a career at DLG

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There are people who get a degree and go on to work in their field of study. 

But, not all software engineers have a degree in software engineering, and you don’t need a design degree to be a designer.

Whether you have a degree in an entirely different subject or no degree at all, there are all kinds of ways to build a successful career.

No degree, no problem

Ben, Casey and Ella don’t have degrees, but it hasn’t stopped them from making the most of other opportunities which opened the door to a career at DLG.

Ben – After failing his A-levels he thought a career in analytics was impossible. Read Ben's story.

Casey – One decision changed the course of his life. Read Casey's story.

Ella – An apprenticeship in journalism gave her the skills to begin a career as a copywriter. Read Ella's story.

Degrees of importance

Then there are those who do have a degree, but how many are utilising their higher education here at DLG Digital?

DLG Graduate Programme

We mustn’t forget the DLG Graduate Programme, which aims to create the future leaders of our business.

Graduates Sacha and Eliot spent their first year in the programme working in the Digital team. Read about their experiences.

Meet the grads - Tina Hopkins

Check out the roles currently available at DLG Digital.

Don’t be shy…

We’re a friendly bunch, so it’s always good to hear from someone new.

Drop us a line at - even if it’s just to say hello.