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The power of pizza (and a great presentation)

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The DLG Digital team are a hungry bunch. Hungry for knowledge, and hungry for pizza! 

We recently asked the team for some feedback on Bytesize, our monthly sessions designed to educate, inform and entertain. The feedback we got was loud and clear.

Getting a busy team together for two hours once a month is a big ask, so whatever we do has to be a valuable use of everyone’s time. The team wanted to be inspired. They wanted to walk away having learned something useful and interesting. And, of course, they wanted food!

So, the Bytesize reboot was really easy to do because the feedback was so clear. All we had to do was order a shedload of pizza and get some great presenters. Easy.

Bytesize’s new format launched with a business update from Jonathan (our chief digital officer), a Digital performance update from Rob (our head of product management), a Q&A session for the team to ask anything they wanted, plus a couple of guest speakers.

In April we were lucky to get Richard Carter who is our digital optimisation lead. He took us all 'back to school' with his practical guide to optimisation and why it's important. His slides were great, using some interesting videos of things exploding.

We also introduced a guest speaker programme we’re calling MegaBytes. First up was behavioural scientist Pat Fagan. He’s formerly of Cambridge Analytica (don't hold that against him) and now lectures at universities around the UK advising businesses on how to use data and human psychology to drive digital performance.

Pat's talk was a great way to kick off our MegaBytes guest speaker programme. He also allowed us to film every second, which you can check out below.

The feedback on the rebooted Bytesize has been great and we aim to keep the momentum going with some great guest speakers booked in for the coming months. That, and plenty of pizza!

Don’t be shy…

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