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What is DLG Digital?

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The digital world is constantly changing, with new technological developments, processes and discoveries emerging all the time.

Here at Direct Line Group, we believe the only way to move forward is to support one another along the way. That’s why we created DLG Digital – home to all things tech.

It’s collaborative

We’re all in it together. So, whether you’re a developer, digital strategist scrum master or designer, DLG Digital will bring you the latest news and opinion from across the digital world. We’ll share our learnings and invite you to join the conversation.

It’s innovative

Direct Line Group is transforming. We’re moving to a digital mind-set with passion and creativity, and changing the way we communicate with our customers. Join us on this exciting journey.

It’s supportive

Even experts get stuck sometimes. That’s the beauty of digital – nobody has all the answers and often solutions come from the most unlikely places. By sharing issues and supporting one another, we can champion best practice.

It’s iterative

We believe in building, testing, analysing and refining everything we do to get the best results. There is no such thing as a finished website. DLG Digital is testament to that – we practice what we preach!

It’s all about you

We’re always on the lookout for fresh talent, so if you feel that you’d like to get involved in new ways to make our customers’ lives easier and become part of Direct Line Group’s digital team, we’d love to hear from you.

Don’t be shy…

We’re a friendly bunch, so it’s always good to hear from someone new.

Drop us a line at - even if it’s just to say hello.