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What’s the point of this?

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Don’t worry, this won’t get existential. I’m talking about blogs. What’s the point?

The internet is a big, loud and chaotic place. So, is there honestly any merit in having a blog when every other site is blogging like mad as well? Is it really worth the time and effort to try and compete? 

Yes, it is. But, probably not for the reasons you think.

It’s not only about SEO

Does a well-written, well-managed and well-viewed blog have a positive impact on your search engine ranking? Well, yes, without a doubt. 

Google (other search engines are available) loves interesting, regular content that follows the must-do SEO basics, and it’ll reward you for it.

But, is a blog as crucial for SEO as the design and structure of your key pages; the language you use across the entire site; how optimised your website is for mobile users; how digestible all of your content is for the reader?

There’s a bit of doubt there. So, it’s not all about that.

It’s not just about being topical

So, an obscure company has just done a survey of thirteen people they found down the road, and it’s revealed something kind of funny about your audience’s habits or tastes. 

Load up Word (other word processing tools are available). This has to be worth a blog, right?


Being topical and showing that you have your digital finger on the digital pulse is important… digitally. But, have your limits. Not every story needs to be rewritten and regurgitated.

Now, SEO and topicality (which it turns out is actually a word) both matter, there’s no denying that. But, there’s one overarching reason why a blog is so valuable beyond these…

It’s about building trust

Nothing matters more than trust. A great blog once said that “the internet is a big, loud and chaotic place”, and people are smart enough to know that.

They’re unlikely to be interested in a story readily available elsewhere. More noise in the chaos is the last thing they want.

What they want is information that improves their understanding of what you, as a brand, deliver or represent. On top of this, they want content that’s interesting enough for them to sacrifice five minutes of their day for.

This kind of content helps people know a bit more about you. It builds a relationship. It shows that a brand is interested enough in their audience to provide them with useful and engaging content – topical or otherwise. They aren’t just peddling content for content’s sake to bump up their Google rankings.

It sounds a little dramatic, but creating engaging content shows you actually care about your audience. This is what builds trust.

What if you’ve got nothing to say?

I know what you’re thinking: what if you don’t know what to talk about? If you haven’t got anything interesting to say, should you not say anything at all? 

No, because every brand has something interesting to say. They just have to understand their audience well enough to know what it is. 

That’s why blogs are so useful. It’s not just about the information you’re giving to your audience. It’s about making sure you understand them well enough in the first place to write the sort of stuff they want to read. And the benefit of knowing your audience as well as you can is immeasurable.

So, when you load up your blog and get writing, remember one thing. You’re not just blogging to be topical or to bump up that Google ranking – you’re blogging for your audience. 

Write with that in mind, and trust me, your blog will always be worth it.

Just like this one.

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