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Winning at work!

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I love working at DLG. Why? Because of colleagues who go the extra mile, and make it feel like more than a work place. Wonderfully, the company celebrates these people with awards ceremonies held throughout the year, up and down the country.

Early in September, it was London’s turn to host the Chief Executive Awards, and we busied ourselves nominating our peers.

Amazingly, some of my colleagues kindly nominated me for the “Bring all of yourself to work” award, for the work I put into creating the DigiCon conference this summer.

Many times, after a sleepless night with restless children, I’ve found myself licking marmite off my shoulder, listening to my running playlist, while standing in the coffee queue. So, finding out I’d been shortlisted for being mentally present at work was really encouraging.

Just like DigiCon, the build-up to the awards ceremony was as much fun as the event. Helium balloons and flags appeared at the desks of shortlisted nominees, prompting passers-by to hover and congratulate us. The celebrity treatment continued with good luck cards from our managers, applause in team meetings and tubs of chocolates. By the time the coach arrived to ferry us to London for the big event, we were giddy.

Buzzing with excitement, we entered a magical emporium via an enchanted orchard. Looking around, I couldn’t help but be humbled and inspired by the other nominees, who included:

  • A lady who gave inspirational career talks to schools in disadvantaged areas
  • Those who set up Pride celebrations
  • A team who created a network and events to support women 
  • A neurodiversity champion
  • A group that raised money for charity by creating an open-air cinema, hosting book sales and organising sponsored silences  

Digital was represented in almost every category, and I sat on the edge of my seat waiting to see if my friends would win.

Natalie Pinder was nominated for her role as mental health first aider for Digital. To see her in action, just check out one of her blogs. There was a roar from the crowd when she stepped forward to accept her award and prize from our CEO.

Another popular winner was Pete Manston, who works tirelessly to keep the Digital systems functioning through thick and thin. It was brilliant to see them recognised.

And I also won. Juggling working part-time with being a mum, and still trying to do my job in the way I want to, can be a challenge. So, when they read my name out, I did have a tear in my eye.

The reward and recognition from the Chief Executive Awards has been brilliant, but being part of a special community means everything. I’m excited to see what my colleagues do next!


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